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Company Secretariat

The work of a Corporate Secretary is not only minute taking tasks, they provide advisory role to the Board, draft and or review policies, set charters for the Board as well as Sub-committees, and many other roles. They should also provide an evaluation of the Board to ensure the dynamics of the Board’s composition are able to provide sound decisions and strategies for an organization to be profitable.

The Principal of Sabos Lawyers has experience for over 10 years with IPBC (currently KCH) and WR Carpenter Group of Companies. These two organizations are large with large portfolios and a large number of subsidiaries.

Some of the key advantages of outsourcing company secretarial requirements are:

i.  The company benefits from the extensive experience and knowledge of skilled individuals who possess relevant qualifications and a high level of training in company secretarial and compliance.

The Principal of Sabos Lawyers has over 10 years of experience in Company Secretarial work, with not small but big organizations in PNG.

ii.  The company can be assured of reduced risk around compliance as all of the company secretarial requirements are completed in line with the requirements of the Companies Act 1997;

iii.   The public image and reputation of the company are protected from the implications of non-compliance with the many company law requirements.

We are constantly being updated on the changes in the legislation and will ensure the company is kept informed and be compliant. By having a dedicated company secretarial contact responsible for providing updates to the company, the company can ensure their reputation with the relevant regulators always remains intact.

iv.    The effectiveness and efficiency of the operations of the company benefit as employees can concentrate on core matters.

v.     The company benefits from financial savings in areas around employment, office space and equipment as the outsourcing company already provide these.

vi.     The exact company secretarial services required by the company are agreed to ensure you only get the services that you actually need.


We recognise that Company Secretarial solutions are not one size fits all and therefore we will ensure that the services we provide you are fit for purpose both now and in the future.

vii.     The company is saved from the costs of recruitment and training as this is the responsibility of the outsourcing company.

viii.     The company can rest assured that its Board of Directors are kept abreast of all corporate governance matters by way of regular updates from their company secretarial service provider.

ix.        There is always a company secretarial expert available to deal with ad hoc matters as they arise particularity when the company is completing important and time sensitive transactions.

Whilst it may seem daunting to a company who have never outsourced these services before, the process of transition is quite straightforward. We will discuss this with the Company.

We have also considered concerns around confidentially and security and would be pleased to discuss this further with the Company.



  • providing Companies Act advice and other regulatory advice

  • providing general corporate governance advice

  • drafting corporate governance materials such as charters, policies and the corporate governance statement

  • administering the constitution and other core governing documentation

  • establishing a subsidiary governance framework

  • undertaking board performance evaluations and reviews

  • providing support regarding director tenure and rotation


Board of Directors Advisory

  • advising on items for board and committee consideration

  • drafting company secretarial contributions to board and committee papers

  • collating and distributing board and committee papers

  • attending board and committee meetings and producing minutes, resolutions and matters arising from those meetings

  • drafting circular resolutions, subsidiary minutes and authorizations under delegation

  • providing independent advice regarding directors’ and officers’ duties;

  • drafting director appointment letters and advising on appointment processes;

  • Keep registers of corporate files, interests and common seal use.


Member Advisory

  • assisting with annual reporting requirements

  • drafting notices of meeting

  • managing member meetings

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